Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day 2014
Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans 2014

Welcome Home, Vietnam Veterans Day - 2014



Here's a chance to say "Thanks" to a Vietnam Vet.

"Welcome Home, Vietnam Veterans Day" has been gaining steam for about a decade now.  Founded by a Vietnam Vet and recently endorsed by both Houses of Congress and the President, it is a way for a now-grateful nation to make up for the miserable and disrespectful homecomings that our troops received back in the day.  While there's a little confusion on the actual date, those who recognize the day do so either on March 29 or 30 in memory of the final troop withdrawal.

The MyServicePride team has been talking about doing a commemorative mug for Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day for some time, but wanted to be respectful to the Vietnam Vets whom we seek to honor.  So we decided to ask over 1000 of our Vietnam Veteran customers what they what they thought about the day, and about us doing a commemorative mug.  

There were some frustrations with "too little to late," but they were overwhelmingly positive.  Here's a report on what they told us: http://www.myservicepride.com/content/welcome-home-vietnam-veterans-day-opinions/.

The first ever "Welcome Home, Vietnam Veterans" Commemorative Mug is now available. 

QUANTITY DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE FOR GROUPS: please email customerservice@myservicepride.com for information.


What a beautiful cup! Actually, I bought 4 of them, and sent one to a fellow Vietnam veteran. Great size, 15 ounces I believe. The design on the cup is applied in a way I have never seen. Although it is some kind of decal, it's like it's inlaid into the paint.
Glad I found this site, I'll be back for more items!
Great service, always answers your inquiry in a timely manner.
Hope they do well.
Thanks for making a cup for us Vietnam Veterans, welcoming us home.

Bob, USAF (Ret), Vietnam, 1970-1971